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Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting
Held on 5 September 2004

The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson, Alan Cajes, at 11:00 a.m.

The Chairperson declared the presence of quorum after the Corporate Secretary, Gilbert  Lumantao, called the roll. 

Present were the Chairperson, Alan Cajes, Vice-Chairperson Myra Vicente-Olarte, Trustee-President, Nelson Getigan, Trustee-VP for External Affairs, Elmar Galacio (who joined the meeting after the lunch break), Trustee-Corporate Secretary, Gilbert Lumantao, and Trustee-Treasurer, Janet Dano.

Absent were Trustees Feliciano Orihuela Jr., Mary Rose Molina-Edubas and Atty. Leo Malagar.

At the onset, the Chairperson announced the agenda for the meeting, specifically:

1.      The recognition of the passing of the Bar of Atty. Romel Aparicio, a former member of the Board of Trustees of the organization;

2.      The President’s Report

3.      Resolution to open a bank account

4.      Some policy proposals for the organization

On the first item of the agenda, the Chairperson asked the members of the Board to express their personal congratulations to Atty. Aparicio who in turn thanked the organization for the support and the recognition.

The President then delivered a report on the activities/affairs of the organization.  He noted that it was the first meeting of the Board of Trustees after the election of officers.  The President reported that the organization has held several activities including the following:

1.      Orientation & Planning session, Nov. 22-23, 2003 (Maricris’ office)

2.      Christmas Party ’03 (Tony’s Grill & Restaurant, Mindanao Avenue)

3.      Several monthly Execom meetings where we identified what programs and projects to pursue and what will be the matrix of activities for the year

4.      Basic Training Management and Recruitment & Membership Training Plan, Mar. 13, 2004 by the Education Committee headed by VP for Education, Myra Vicente-Olarte. 

5.      1st Quarterly General Assembly, Apr. 4, 2004 (NAPOLCOM) of members where we launched the organization’s group insurance initiative and invited representatives of the Youth Alliance to conduct a Voters’ Education session

6.      Team-building activity, May 1-2, 2004 (Laguna)

The President then reported that the organization has just acquired the domain name www.aybm.org and that our website, may now be accessed both using the old URL and the new one.

The President then mentioned the plan to sponsor a concert of the Loboc Children’s Choir, as a fund-raising activity, and the fact that we have already delivered a letter to the Business Manager of the group for this purpose.  He noted that the organization has yet to receive any response from the group and that it may be wise to consider other possibilities for fund-raising.

The President announced that he brought with him papers to be signed in order that the organization can now open an account in the name of the organization.

After the President’s report, the Chairperson opened the floor for comments.  The Treasurer of the organization, Janet Dano, suggested that we enter into a memorandum of agreement with travel agencies to the effect that the organization will be entitled to commissions for referrals.  The suggestion was received favorably by the Board with the addition that the organization also enters into similar agreements directly with the resorts/hotels in Bohol.

After the President’s report and the comments, the Board tackled the other items on the agenda.  Upon motion by the President, the Board then passed Resolution No. 2004-001 to open a bank account (what type of acct? SA or CA?) for the organization at Banco De Oro (pls indicate branch) with any two of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, President and Treasurer may sign.

The Board then passed Resolution No. 2004-002 creating a committee, which will be tasked to revise the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the organization and to update our papers filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission not later than the end of this month.  Designated members of the committee are Atty. Nelson Getigan, Atty. Elmar Galacio and Gilbert Lumantao.

Then, the Board passed Resolution No. 2004-003 creating two committees which will be tasked to (1) study how the organization will be able to help in alleviating the poverty situation in Bohol, and (2) study income generation schemes for the organization.  The committees were formed upon the suggestion of the Chairperson.

The committee on the poverty situation in Bohol will be composed of Alan Cajes, Atty. Elmar Galacio, Myra Vicente-Olarte and Juliet Lagura.  The committee on income generation will be composed of Atty. Nelson Getigan, Gilbert Lumantao, Janet Dano and Romel Aparicio.

As to other matters, there was a proposal for the next meeting of the Board to be held out of town, i.e. Dos Palmas, Palawan.  There was general consent on the proposal.

Another proposal was for the organization to hold badminton sessions weekly.  This proposal was adopted and the President, Atty. Nelson Getigan, was tasked to schedule the sessions, and Myra Vicente-Olarte and Juliet Lagura, to find an affordable venue.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

For approval.

Prepared by GILBERT E. LUMANTAO, Corporate Secretary